13-oji tarptautinė konferencija “Modern Building Materials, Structures and Techniques”

http://www.ecceengineers.eu/news/2019/13_Intl_Conference_MBMST.php?id=4116-17 May,

https://www.conference-service.com/MBMST-2019/documents/MBMST%202019%20programme%20v2.pdf2019, Vilnius, Lithuania



Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vilnius Gediminas technical university
International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (Lithuanian group),
Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers
European Council of Civil Engineers,
The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences,
The Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties,
European Civil Engineering Education and Training Association.
Conference topics
Modern building and structural materials
High-performance materials
Non-metallic reinforcement
Concrete technologies
Cementitious composites
Thermal insulation materials
Fire-resistant materials
Acoustic evaluation of materials and structures
Sustainable materials and their production
Advanced structures, analysis and design
Composite and layered structures
Steel and aluminum structures
Glass, plastic and timber structures
Reinforced concrete and masonry structures
Prestressed structures
Stability of structures
Structural mechanics and optimization
Smart structures
Structural health monitoring and risk analysis
Repair, strengthening and rehabilitation of structures
Footings, foundations and tunnels
Innovative bridge structures
Masts, towers and tall buildings
Thin-walled structures
Cable supported structures
Spatial structures and large-span roofs
Structural fire resistance design
Smart construction technologies
Building information modeling
Decision support systems in construction
Operational research
Facility management
Real estate management
Maintenance and renovation of buildings
Fire safety
Human safety
Important dates 
2018-11-01 – start of on-line registration
2018-12-01 – call for papers and abstract submission
2019-02-21 – deadline for abstract submission
2019-03-21 – deadline for paper submission
2019-04-15 – final notice of paper acceptance
2019-04-22 – deadline for early bird registration fee rate
2019-05-05 – deadline for registration to the conference
2019-05-[16-17] – conference days
2019-07-01 – publishing of conference proceedings
Further information regarding the Conference registration, venue, travel and accommodation can be found on the conference website


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